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The Pacific, 700 to 1980 CE

Key Work of Art or Architecture

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213. Nan Madol, Micronesia, (700 to 1600 CE) Micronesia. Nan Madol. Saudeleur Dynasty, Pohnpei (24) Comparison: Palace of Versailles & Nan Madol (23)
214. Moai, Rapa Nui (c1100 to 1600 CE) Polynesia. Moai (ahu), Rapa Nui (Easter Island) (17) Art of the Pacific (24)
215. ‘Ahu ‘ula, Hawaiian (Late 18th century CE) Polynesia. ‘Ahu ‘ula (feather cape) Hawaii (20) Comparison: Featherwork in the Americas & Polynesia (11)
216. Staff god, Cook Islands (18th to 19th c CE) Polynesia. Staff god, Rarotonga, Cook Islands (9) Art of the Pacific (24)
217. Nukuoro, Micronesia (18th to 19th c CE) Micronesia. Female deity, Nukuoro (16) Art of the Pacific (24)
218. Buk (mask), Torres Strait (19th c CE) Melanesia. Buk (mask). Torres Strait (7) Art of the Pacific (24)
219. Hiapo (tapa), Niue (1850–1900 CE) Polynesia. Hiapo (tapa) Niue bark cloth (11)

Art of the Pacific (24)

220. Tamati Waka Nene, G. Lindauer (1890 CE Lindauer, Gottfried. Portraits of Maori Leadership (18) Portraiture: Power and Authority (37)
221. Navigation Chart, Marshall Is (19th c CE) Micronesia. Navigation Chart, Marshall Islands (7) Comparison: Navigation Chart, Marshall Is. & Navigational Tools (25)
222. Malagan mask, Papua New Guinea (20th c. CE) Melanesia. Malagan display and mask. Papua New Guinea (23) Comparison: Transformation Masks & Malagan Masks (16)
223. Presentation to Queen Elizabeth II (1953 CE) Polynesia. Presentation to Queen Elizabeth II, Fiji (21) Art of the Pacific (24)

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