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AP® Art History Teaching Resources

15th Century (Renaissance) Europe

Key Work of Art or Architecture

Related Content for Contextual Understanding

66. Annunciation, Robert Campin (1427 to 1432 CE) Campin, Robert. Annunciation Triptych (Merode Altarpiece) & Other Works (26)

Biblical Themes: The Annunciation (19)

Europe: Diptychs, Triptychs and Public Altarpieces (21)

Renaissance in the North: Early Netherlandish Art (25)

67. Pazzi Chapel, Brunelleschi (1429 to 1461 CE) Brunelleschi, Filippo. Pazzi Chapel (22)

Architecture, Sacred Spaces: Centrally-Planned Religious Structures (48)


68. Arnolfini Portrait, Jan van Eyck (c 1434 CE)

Eyck, Jan van. Arnolfini Portrait. (12)

Eyck, Jan van. Ghent Altarpiece & Other Works (22)

Renaissance in the North: Early Netherlandish Art (25)

Europe: Images of Domestic Life (36)

69. David, Donatello (c 1440 to 1460 CE)

Donatello. David (4)

Donatello: Other Works (21)

Renaissance Italy: Art & Architecture (24)

Biblical Themes: David and Goliath (24)

Human Body: Male Figural Sculpture (65)

70. Palazzo Rucellai, Alberti (c 1450 CE) Palazzo Rucellai, and Other Work by Alberti (18)

Architecture: Domestic Architecture through Time (24)

Renaissance Italy: Art & Architecture (24)

71. Madonna & Child, Fra Filippo Lippi (c1465 CE) Lippi, Filippo. Madonna and Child, & Other Works (17)

Biblical Themes: Madonna and Child (24)

Renaissance Italy: Art & Architecture (24)

72. Birth of Venus, Sandro Botticelli (c 1485 CE) Botticelli, Sandro. Birth of Venus & Other Works (24)

Renaissance Italy: Art & Architecture (24)

Venus: The Ultimate Beauty (24)

73. Last Supper, Leonardo da Vinci (1494 to 98 CE)

Leonardo da Vinci. The Last Supper (24)

Leonardo da Vinci: Works beyond The Last Supper (48)

Narrative Art (28)

Biblical Themes: The Last Supper (21)

Renaissance Italy: Art & Architecture (24)

74. Adam and Eve, Albrecht Dürer (1504 CE) Dürer, Albrecht. Adam and Eve (24)

Human Body: Adam and Eve & the Nude in Art (24)

Renaissance Germany (24)

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