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Ancient Egypt

Key Work of Art or Architecture

Related Content for Contextual Understanding

13. Palette of King Narmer, Egyptian (c 3000 BCE)

Comparison: Standard of Ur and Palette of Narmer (10)

Human Body: Figural Conventions in Ancient Art (16)

15. Seated Scribe, Egyptian (c 2620 to 2500 BCE) Comparison: The Seated Scribe & King Menkaura and Queen (5)
17. Great Pyramids, Egyptian (c 2550 to 2490 BCE)
18. Menkaura & Queen, Egyptian (2490 to 2472 BCE) Egypt. King Menkaura (also read as Menkaure) and Queen. Old Kingdom (4) Comparison: The Seated Scribe & King Menkaura and Queen (5)
20. Temple of Amen-Re, Egyptian (c 1550 BCE) Egypt. New Kingdom. Temple of Amen-Re & Hypostyle Hall (21) Egypt. New Kingdom Art and Architecture (22)
21. Temple of Hatshepsut, Egyptian (1458 BCE)
Comparison: Representations of Hatshepsut & Marie de' Medici (29)
22. Akhenaton & Family, Egyptian (c 1350 BCE) Egypt. New Kingdom. Akhenaton & Family and Other Amarna Art (24) Depictions of Royal Families (8)
23. Tutankhamun’s tomb, Egyptian (c 1323 BCE) Egypt. New Kingdom. Tutankhamun's tomb (26)
24. Last judgment Hu-Nefer, Egyptian (c1275 BCE) Egypt. Last judgment of Hu-Nefer, Book of the Dead. New Kingdom (22)

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