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AP® Art History Teaching Resources

Artstor's AP® Art History Teaching Resources - Use this guide to navigate to the groups of images in Artstor

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These resources examine world art and architecture in the AP® Art History curriculum from prehistory to the present.

The curriculum is designed to be a global survey and is organized chronologically, beginning with prehistoric art, continuing within geographic designations until 1980, and ending with international contemporary art.

There are 250 specific exemplar works of art designated by the College Board representing the nine content areas in the curriculum. Each exemplar is presented by Artstor with comprehensive groups of images and essays that help to contextualize these works or draw thematic connections across time and cultures. Each essay also includes links to further reading on JSTOR and other reliable scholarly sources. These are organized numerically in accordance with the AP® Art History Curriculum. Faculty and their students can use this resource to study global artistic traditions and prepare for the Advanced Placement® Exam.

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Artstor’s AP® Teaching Resources support the curriculum frameworks for the Advanced Placement® Art History, European History, and US History courses with image groups, accompanying essays, and links to other resources. Find out if your school subscribes, or learn more about Artstor.