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AP® Art History Teaching Resources

Islamic Spain, Romanesque & Gothic Europe

Key Work of Art or Architecture

Related Content for Contextual Understanding

56. Great Mosque Cordoba, Spain (c 786 CE) Umayyad Spain. Great Mosque, Córdoba. (24)

Umayyad Dynasty & the Arts (23)

Architecture, Sacred Spaces: Repurposed Religious Structures (22)

57. Pyxis of al-Mughira, Umayyad (c 968 CE) Umayyad Spain. Pyxis of al-Mughira. (19)

Spain: Islamic Spain & the Arts (24)

Medieval Europe: Ivory Carvings (18)

58. Church of Sainte-Foy (c1050 to 1130 CE) Romanesque France. Church & Reliquary of Sainte-Foy. Conques (23)

Romanesque: Much More than Roman (23)

Why Gold? Byzantium and Beyond (24)

59. Bayeux Tapestry, Romanesque (1066 to 1080 CE) Romanesque. Bayeux Tapestry (43)

Battle Scenes through Time (23)
Comparison: Column of Trajan & the Bayeux Tapestry (35)

Comparison: Night Attack on the Sanjô Palace & Bayeaux Tapestry (24)

60. Chartres Cathedral, France (c 1145 to 1220 CE)

Gothic France: Chartres Cathedral (24)

Gothic France. Chartres Cathedral. The Sculpture & Stained Glass (24)

Gothic Europe (24)
61. Bibles moralisées, Gothic (c 1230 CE) Spain. Golden Haggadah. Medieval (23)

Manuscripts Across Cultures (24)

Why Gold? Byzantium and Beyond (24)

62. Röttgen Pietà, Medieval (c 1300 to 1325 CE) Medieval Europe. Röttgen Pietà (12)

Röttgen Pietà in Context: German Wood Carving (19)

Biblical Themes: The Pietà in Art (14)

63. Arena (Scrovegni) Chapel (1303 to 1305 CE)

Giotto. Arena (Scrovegni) Chapel, incl. Lamentation (53)

Giotto: an Overview (19)

Comparison: The Sistine Chapel & Arena Chapel (15)

Biblical Themes: The Dead Christ in Art (25)

64. Golden Haggadah, Medieval Spain (c.1320 CE) Spain. Golden Haggadah. Medieval (23)

Comparison: Vienna Genesis & Antique, Early Jewish & Byzantine Traditions (24)

Why Gold? Byzantium and Beyond (24)

65. Alhambra Palace, Spain (1354-1391 CE) Spain. Alhambra. Granada. Nasrid Dynasty. (24)

Architecture: Palaces and Power (18)

Architecture: Capitals across Cultures (17)

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