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AP® Art History Teaching Resources

Global Prehistory

Key Work of Art or Architecture

Related Content for Contextual Understanding

1. Apollo 11 stones, Namibia (c 25,400 BCE) Prehistoric Namibia. Apollo 11 stones. (6) Prehistoric Europe: Paleolithic Sculpture (10)
2. Hall of Bulls, Lascaux (15,000 BCE) Prehistoric Cave Painting in Spain and France (22)
4. Running Horned Woman (6000 to 4000 BCE) Prehistoric Algeria. Running horned woman. (23) Prehistoric Context: Neolithic Art & Architecture (24)
5. Bushel, Ibex Motifs, Iran (4200 to 3500 BCE) Prehistoric Iran. Beaker (Bushel) with ibex motifs. Susa. (2)
6. Anthropomorphic stele  (4th millennium BCE) Prehistoric Arabian Peninsula. Anthropomorphic stele. (13) Prehistoric Context: Neolithic Art & Architecture (24)
7. Jade Cong, Liangzhu, China (3300 to 2200 BCE)

Prehistoric China: Selected Jade Objects (52)

China. Western Han Dynasty: Jade Funerary Suit (10)

8. Stonehenge, Wiltshire, UK (c 2500 to 1600 BCE) Prehistoric England. Stonehenge. Wiltshire. (20)
9. Ambum Stone, Papua New Guinea (c. 1500 BCE) Prehistoric. Papua New Guinea. The Ambum Stone. Enga Province. (7) Prehistoric: Global Prehistory Overview (24)
10. Tlatilco female fig, Mexico (1200 to 900 CE)

Mesoamerican Art: Contexualizing Tlatilco Dualism (18)

Prehistoric Comparison: Tlatilco female figurine and Cycladic Figures (8)

11. Terra cotta fragment, Solomon Islands (1000 BCE) Prehistoric Solomon Islands. Terra cotta fragment. Lapita. (10) Prehistoric: Global Prehistory Overview (24)

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