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17th Century Europe and the Americas

Key Work of Art or Architecture

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86. Marie de’ Medici, Rubens, (1621 to 1625 CE)

Rubens, Peter Paul. Henri IV Receives Portrait of Marie de' Medici (22)

Rubens, Peter Paul: Selected Works (24)

Baroque Europe (24)
87. Self-Portrait with Saskia, Rembrandt (1636 CE) Rembrandt van Rijn. Self-Portrait with Saskia. (15) Baroque: The Dutch Golden Age (24)

88. San Carlo, Borromini (1638 CE)

Borromini, Francesco. San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane (25)

Borromini, Francesco: Other Major Churches (31)

Baroque Architecture & City Planning (39)

Architecture, Sacred Spaces: Centrally-Planned Religious Structures (48)

Comparison: Bernini, Sant' Andrea al Quirinale to Borromini (11)

89. Ecstasy of Saint Teresa, Bernini (c 1650 CE) Bernini, Gian Lorenzo: Ecstasy of St. Teresa & Other Works (23) Baroque Europe (24)

90. Angel with Arquebus (c 17th century CE)

Colonial Peru. Cusco School. Angel with Arquebus (19) Colonial Americas: an Overview of the Art & Architecture (24)
91. Las Meninas, Diego Velázquez (c 1656 CE)

Velázquez, Diego. Las Meninas (10) Velázquez' Work (24)

92. Woman Holding a Balance, Vermeer (c 1664 CE)

Vermeer, Jan. Woman Holding a Balance & Other Works (20)


Vermeer and Genre Painting (22)

Baroque: The Dutch Golden Age (24)

93. The Palace at Versailles (Begun 1669 CE) Le Vau, Louis & Jules Hardouin-Mansart. Palace at Versailles (23)

Architecture: Palaces and Power (18)

Architecture: Capitals across Cultures (17)

94. Siege of Belgrade/hunting scene (c 1700 CE) González family. Screen with the Siege of Belgrade and hunting scene (18) Colonial Americas: an Overview of the Art & Architecture (24)
95. Virgin of Guadalupe (c 1698 CE) Colonial Mexico. The Virgin of Guadalupe (Virgen de Guadalupe) (13)

Colonial Americas: an Overview of the Art & Architecture (24)

Influences: the Virgin of Guadalupe: her Inspiration & (24)

96. Fruit and Insects, Rachel Ruysch (1711 CE) Ruysch, Rachel. Fruit and Insects. (15)

Women Artists in the Netherlands (24)

Baroque: The Dutch Golden Age (24)

97. Spaniard & Indian Produce Mestizo (c 1715 CE) Juarez, Juan Rodríguez (attrib.). Spaniard and Indian Produce a Mestizo (23)

Colonial Americas: an Overview of the Art & Architecture (24)

Comparison: Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle and Casta Paintings (19)

98. Tête à Tête, Marriage à la Mode, Hogarth (1743 CE) Hogarth, William. Tête à Tête from Marriage à la Mode (24) Prints in History: The Message of the Medium (23)

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