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Copyright and Image Use in the Artstor Digital Library

Identifying Public Content

Artstor's platform includes public content contributed by institutions using JSTOR Forum. These public images come up in search results alongside Artstor Digital Library images, and are accessible at by anyone--not just those with an Artstor subscription. These images are indicated in search results and on the image detail page with a "Public" icon: 

The rules about using images from public collections are specified by the contributor and are not included under the Artstor Digital Library Terms and Conditions of Use. Check the rights field in the metadata for specific information about how you are allowed to use these images. To view the image metadata, open the image detail page and it will appear on the right; scroll down to view the rights information.

Limiting searches to public content

There are two ways to limit your searches to Public images. First, you can conduct a keyword search, then use Filtered Search to limit your results to public collections. In this example, we have searched for the term "horse" and used Filtered Search to limit our results to only Public images.

You can also limit Advanced Searches to only show public images by checking "Public Collections" in the Advanced Search window: