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Copyright and Image Use in the Artstor Digital Library

Sources of images in Artstor: an overview

The Artstor Digital Library's content is contributed by museums, artists or their estates, special collections, universities and archives. After receiving images from a contributor, Artstor performs legal diligence on the collection. Whenever possible, we clear the rights to the images for Artstor Digital Library distribution purposes. These rights-cleared images are made available to our Digital Library subscribers worldwide. 

Where we can’t clear rights--either because we can’t find the rights holder or it’s otherwise not feasible--we make the images available only in the United States, based on the United States legal concept of Fair Use. As long as the Artstor Digital Library images are used in a way that’s consistent with the Permitted Uses in our Terms and Conditions, Artstor will protect and indemnify you if you ever run into an issue.

However, there are many images in Artstor that come from different sources, such as your institution's collections and public collections made available via JSTOR Forum. Because of the varied sources of images in Artstor, it is important to understand where the image or images you are working with came from and how you are allowed to use them. Select a source (Artstor Digital Library collections, institutional collections, or public collections) from the menu on the left to learn more about how you can identify and use these images.