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Copyright and Image Use in the Artstor Digital Library

Identifying Artstor Digital Library Content

When you view a page of search results in Artstor, you may see several icons under each thumbnail. Images from the Artstor Digital Library Content are identified in search results and on the image detail page by an "Artstor" icon: 

Images with this icon are covered by Artstor Digital Library's indemnification clause when used for educational purposes as described in our Terms and Conditions of Use.

Artstor Digital Library terms and conditions of use

To be covered by Artstor's indemnification clause, when you work with images from the Artstor Digital Library's Content you must ensure that you follow the Terms and Conditions of Use, including:
1) Your use of images is non-commercial, scholarly, and educational.
2) Access  to the images is limited to the following categories of individuals:
  • Individuals officially affiliated with an Artstor Digital Library-participating institution:
    • currently enrolled students (including distance education students)
    • researchers and lecturers affiliated and/or visiting under the terms of an agreement with the institution
    • full and part-time staff, including volunteer staff
    • on-site users physically present and authorized to be in the institution
    • for public libraries and museums, off-site users accessing the content through a sessions-based arrangement as agreed with Artstor
    • individuals designated by the institution to access Shared Shelf Content
    • users of Shared Shelf Commons content
3) Images can’t be posted on the open web.
The full Artstor Digital Library Terms and Conditions can be found here: 

Examples of permitted and prohibited uses

Examples of permitted uses:

  • Slides for lectures
  • Student assignments
  • Research
  • Printing on handouts or posters for use in the classroom
  • Placing links in learning management software for use by your institution
  • Conference presentations or exhibitions

Examples that are not considered permitted uses:

  • Public display on the walls of your institution
  • Presentation on the open web (LibGuides, Pinterest, etc.)
  • Sharing images with alumni
  • Publishing in print or electronic formats for purchase or created for a commercial purpose
  • Promotional materials for the library or non-Artstor projects
  • Alumni promotional materials
  • Using images on items for sale (T-shirts, mugs, etc.)

Limiting searches to Artstor images

If you want to ensure you are protected by Artstor's indemnification clause, you can limit the images you view and use to just Artstor Digital Library content. There are two ways to do this: 
You can conduct a keyword search, then filter for Artstor Digital Library collections in the Filtered Search panel on the left. In this example, we have searched for the term "peony" and used the filter panel to limit our results to only Artstor images.


You can also limit advanced searches to Artstor Digital Library images by checking "Artstor Digital Library" under the Collection Type heading in the Advanced Search window: