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Copyright and Image Use in the Artstor Digital Library

A note about Fair Use

When Artstor Digital Library Content is used in a way that is a “permitted use” as listed in section 4.1 of the Artstor Digital Library Terms and Conditions, Artstor will protect and indemnify you if you run into a legal issue. Because Artstor indemnifies you when using the images designated as Artstor Digital Library Content, our permitted uses are slightly more conservative than the full scope of Fair Use.

Artstor’s Terms and Conditions, however, are not intended to prohibit you from using an image in a manner that is permitted under the Fair Use exceptions to United States copyright law. When you use Artstor Digital Library Content in ways that rely on Fair Use, but are not Permitted Uses under our Terms and Conditions, you do so at your own risk. Artstor will not indemnify for use of Artstor Digital Library Content that falls outside the specific list of “Permitted Uses” identified in the our Terms and Conditions.