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Women's Studies in Artstor

This page highlights Artstor content related to the study of the history and depiction of women across world cultures, including images of women in a variety of domestic and professional roles, women’s rights movements, and representations of famous female figures from history, art, and literature.

Image source: Roman. Marble statue of a wounded Amazon. 1st-2nd century A.D. The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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Curated Image Groups

Artstor's Education and Content teams curate groups of images in a number of disciplines. The below image groups are available for women's studies:

You can save these groups as your own and modify them by opening a group, logging in to your registered Artstor account, selecting "Organize" from the top menu, and then "Save image group as..." To add or remove images, open your copy of the group and begin editing.

Search Tips

Keyword search using an asterisk * to find multiple terms at once. For example, wom*n will return results for women and woman, and femini* will return results for feminine, feminist, and feminism.

Keyword search for broad terms such as bride and narrow by geography.

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Did you know?

Artstor works directly with women artists and their estates to present extensive documentation of artists’ oeuvre in the Digital Library. For example, Elizabeth Peyton has shared images of her paintings. The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum has provided approximately 1,200 works by Georgia O’Keeffe, including paintings, drawings, and sculpture dating from 1901–1984. Judy Chicago has contributed images of The Dinner Party (1974–1979), an iconic work of feminist art, as well as documentation of other collaborative projects from her entire career.