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Remote teaching and learning with Artstor

A guide for online educators

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Zoom, compare, quiz

Students can look more closely using Artstor's tools.

An advantage to remote learning with visual material is that students can explore an image on their own device. They can pan, zoom and compare the images in the groups you make for them, allowing them to discover things like technique or read text. 

In this section we will share how to pan, zoom, compare and use view images as flashcards to pre-test their knowledge. 

Viewing images

Click on a thumbnail in your search results to view an image. On the detail page you can zoom and pan, view the image full screen, and compare it with other images.

Artstor record


Object Detail Page

Comparing images

You can compare up to 10 images at once using our comparison mode. You may want to use this feature when presenting in the classroom or conducting research for a paper. 

You may compare images from a set of search results, an image group, or a collection page:

  • To compare images from search results,  start by opening one of the images you would like to compare.
  • To compare images from an image group, begin by opening the image group and selecting the first image you would like to compare. 
  • To compare images from a collection, begin by opening the collection and selecting one of the images you would like to compare.  

Next, view the image in fullscreen mode:

presenting full screen

Next, select "Compare" in the upper right corner. In the panel on the right, you may select up to 10 images from your search results, image groups, or collection page to view at once.

Clicking "Compare" in the upper right a second time will hide the image thumbnail panel. To exit comparison mode, select "Exit."


Presenting Full Screen

Study using Artstor

The fullscreen image viewer in Artstor includes a flashcard feature that students can use to study for exams. You might consider sharing the URLs to your classroom presentations with your students so they may use the flashcard feature to study. The flashcard feature works in a browser and on mobile.

To use the flashcard feature, first open the image group you would like to study. View the first image in fullscreen mode, then click the grayed "Quiz Mode Off" icon in the lower left corner. This will turn quiz mode on, and the button text will become black when it is selected. This hides the image caption.

On the lower left, click "show caption" if you are unsure of the title, date, or creator of the work as you study.

On the lower right, you may also select "shuffle" to shuffle your flashcards and change their order.

How to Cite Images

The Library of Congress provides a great overview of how to cite images and other primary source materials like paintings, photographs, and documents. Visit their site for instructions for using images in papers in Chicago, MLA, and APA format:

Your university's librarians are a tremendous resource for learning how to cite images and other sources--reach out to them with further questions!

Citing Artstor Images

You can use Artstor to create instant citations in APA, MLA, and Chicago styles.

To cite an image, open the image, then click "Generate Citation." This will open a window with several citation options you may copy and paste into your bibliography. 

Artstor also works with Zotero, a popular citation manager for Firefox.