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Artstor's Curriculum Guides

Images for Teaching are sets of images aligning with broad themes in a series of courses, from Shakespeare to Data Visualization.

About this guide

The guides included on this page link to sets of images for teaching a variety of subjects--from Shakespeare to Data Visualization--and have been assembled by faculty teaching in higher education. Each guide contains images that help teach themes, ideas, or periods taught in a given course. You can use these guides as inspiration for assembling images for teaching, or, if you are teaching a similar course, you can copy them directly to your own image groups in Artstor.

Tips for working with these images

You can save the Artstor image groups linked to in this guide as your own, adding and subtracting images as needed:

  1. Log in to Artstor with your personal username and password.
  2. Open one of the image groups from this guide in Artstor
  3. In the top menu, go to Organize > Saves image group as
  4. Enter a title and save the group to your own groups.
  5. Go to  Browse > Image groups and find your newly saved group. Here, you can rearrange and delete images.
  6. To add new images to the group, search for the images you need. Then on the image detail page, click "add to group" and enter the name of your newly saved version of the group.