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Public Collections

This guide provides an overview of the Artstor Public Collections

Brooklyn College Listening Project

The Brooklyn College Listening Project is a community interview and oral history initiative run by faculty and students at Brooklyn College, City University of New York. Inaugurated in 2015, the Listening Project aims to listen to and record stories about diverse life experiences in Brooklyn, New York City's most populous borough. Most of the interviews are conducted under the auspices of classes at Brooklyn College, and address a wide range of topics and questions.

Central Methodist University Life Story Project

Oral histories from Howard County, Missouri locals collected by Central Methodist University's Expository Writing classes.

Gannon University - Erie Voices

The Erie Voices project is a hands-on approach to humanities learning through rigorous and engaged concern with the global human experience. Through this project, oral histories of the experiences of refugees living in the Erie area are collected and preserved.

Linfield College: In Their Own Words

In Their Own Words: Remembering Linfield College History aims to capture the history of Linfield through the eyes of the people who saw it firsthand. The Linfield College Archives launched this collection with interviews featuring two former Linfield presidents. Dr. Charles U. Walker served as president from 1975-1992, rescuing a college that was struggling financially and in dire need of a strong, compassionate leader. Dr. Vivian A. Bull served as president from 1992-2005 and oversaw the vast expansion of Linfield's campus, adding land and buildings to help secure the college's future. The collection continues to grow, with new interviews of faculty, staff, and alumni of Linfield College added throughout the year. While their experiences are different, all the interviewees have thoughts to share about Linfield's past, present, and future.

Regis University: Noam Chomsky and Family Collection

The Noam Chomsky and Family Collection features interviews with Noam and Aviva Chomsky on the topics of social movements, labor history, propaganda, immigration, and environmentalism.

Rhode Island College: Oral History - Cape Verdean

Rhode Island College: Oral History - Italian American

This collection gathers three sets of interviews conducted as part of the Ethnic Heritage Studies Project. Rhode Island College announced the establishment of the project in February 1972. The interviews were conducted between 1972 and 1979.