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Public Collections

This guide provides an overview of the Artstor Public Collections

Colby College: Somalia, Middle Jubba Valley, Ethnographic Photographs

Ethnographic photographs of daily life in 1987-88 in the Middle Jubba Valley, Somalia, focussing on communities of Bu'alle, Banta, Jabbi, Canole, Maddow and pastoralist life. Collection also includes photographs of Mogadishu, Merca, and Kismayo. Derived from the research of Catherine L. Besteman, Professor of Anthropology, Colby College.

Cornell: Beyond the Taj: Architectural Traditions and Landscape Experience in South Asia

Cornell: Billie Jean Isbell Andean Collection

The Billie Jean Isbell Andean Collection: Images from the Andes is derived from Cornell University Professor Billie Jean Isbell's years of research in the Andes, primarily in the southern Andean department of Ayacucho and specifically in the village of Chuschi, Peru, and the surrounding region of the River Pampas Valley in the province of Cangallo. Included in this collection are approximately 1500 photographs, Professor Isbell's ethnography: To Defend Ourselves: Ecology and Ritual in an Andean Village, as well as selected publications.

Cornell: Efraim Racker Art Albums

Efraim Racker was Cornell University's first Albert Einstein Professor of Biochemistry 1966-1991. He spent a long and gratifying life experimenting with science and art. Until now, very few have had the opportunity to view these 79 art albums, which he assembled thematically, using his paintings, sketches, and drawings. They are by no means scrapbooks or doodles. The albums reflect his passion to experiment with mixed media. Some of these albums represent satirical comments on his surroundings not shown in his full sized paintings.

Cornell: Historic Glacial Images of Alaska and Greenland

Cornell professor Ralph Stockman Tarr (1864-1912) and his students and collaborators organized several expeditions to glaciated areas in Greenland and Alaska. We are in the process of digitizing approximately 2,000 photographs from these expeditions. Because glaciers are a dynamic landform, especially given current climate change, it is interesting to compare these historic photographs with more recent ones to document their changes over time.

Cornell: Vicos Collection

Cornell's University Archives holds the documents produced by thirteen years (1952-1965) of collaboration between North American social scientists and 360 peasant households in the northern Peruvian village of Vicos. This project came to be known as the Cornell-Peru project. The image collection represented here holds some 2,000 photographs, selected from a much larger cache of analog prints and negatives housed in the Vicos Collection of the University Archives.

Cornell: Willard D. Straight in Korea

Willard Straight worked in Korea as a Reuters correspondent during the Russo-Japanese War and as a U. S. diplomat. He sketched Japanese and Russian soldiers and Korean people. Over 200 of his drawings, photographs and postcards comprise a remarkable collection that offers a rare example of western perspectives on Korea during the early 20th century.

Emory: Conrad M. Stibbe Photo Archive

In 2013, the Michael C. Carlos Museum of Emory University acquired the scholarly apparatus of the Dutch scholar, Conrad M. Stibbe. This includes extensive photographic documentation of monuments and works of art made in Sparta during the archaic period, the chief focus of his scholarly interest. Over time, it is hoped to make several of these elements available online here, for example sculpture in stone and terra-cotta, and vessels in bronze. Of widest scholarly interest, however, is the coverage of Laconian black-figure vases, and it is therefore with this part that this project has begun.
The archive is housed in the Carlos Museum and welcomes visitors by appointment. Enquiries, requests for images, exchanges of information, corrections and comments are also most welcome at

Purchase College, SUNY: Faculty Artworks

A collection of artworks produced by active faculty members of the college

Rhode Island College: Chester Smolski Collection

Rhode Island College Professor Chester Smolski retired in 1994 after a successful 41 year career at the college. Professor Smolski was an acknowledged expert on urban geography, urban history and city planning. He contributed over 370 columns for The Providence Journal and Providence Business News. In 2009, the Smolski family donated almost 8,000 slides and 370 Op-Ed columns to the James P. Adams Library permanent collection at Rhode Island College. Both the slides and the Op-Ed columns are authored by Professor Smolski. They reflect the international nature of his research and his commitment to using that work to inform public discussion on Rhode Island's place in history and the world. The Adams Library has committed itself to maintain this outstanding collection and to place the Smolski Collection on its Digital Commons because of its educational value for urban studies, geography, architectural history and city planning.

UC San Diego Library Zambian Storytellers Collection

The Zambian Storytellers collection is a digital archive of images and subtitled videos collected by UC San Diego faculty member Robert Cancel during his research trips to Zambia during 1988-1989 and 2005.

Field Guide of Biodiversity Images

The Electronic Field Guide Project's Image Collection is a set of biodiversity images used for teaching and research needs mainly by scientists in Massachusetts and the northeastern United States, gathered and diseminatedunder the auspices of the University of Massachusetts Boston, a public research institution.

Hamilton College: Geosciences Rock Collection

The samples in this collection were acquired by Hamilton College faculty, students, and alumni over the past 200 years. Some were purchased from dealers, but most were collected by Geoscience Department faculty for use in the classroom. The samples cover the broad spectrum of igneous rocks, from kimberlites and carbonatites, to syenites and welded tuffs. There are two distinct components to the collection: The first is a systematic collection of the various types of plutonic and volcanic rocks. The second component consists of ~ 20 suites of rocks, each collected from a well-studied igneous province (e.g. Hawaii, Yellowstone, etc.). The primary goal of this database is to make the collection more easily accessible to the Hamilton College and local communities for broader educational use.

Martin Methodist College Marine Biology Collection: Red Sea

This collection of marine images taken in the Red Sea, off the coast of Jordan, has been compiled and made available through the Martin Methodist College Science Department to enhance the teaching of marine biology and other related disciplines.

Martin Methodist College Marine Biology Collection: Trinidad

This collection of marine images taken in and around Trinidad has been compiled and made available through the Martin Methodist College Science Department to enhance the teaching of marine biology and other related disciplines.

Martin Methodist Marine Biology Collection: Key Largo

This collection of marine images taken in and around Key Largo has been compiled and made available through the Martin Methodist College Science Department to enhance the teaching of marine biology and other related disciplines.

Linfield College: Dr. Jane Claire Dirks-Edmunds Collection

This collection celebrates the life and work of Dr. Jane Claire Dirks-Edmunds, a pioneer of the ecology movement renowned for her work on the Saddleback Mountain forest. Included in the collection are documents, photographs, maps, and other items from Dr. Dirks-Edmunds's life. Dr. Jane Claire Dirks-Edmunds devoted 50 years of her life to studying the Douglas fir trees along Oregon's coastline; hers is the most comprehensive ecological study in the Northwest.