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Public Collections

This guide provides an overview of the Artstor Public Collections

Dartmouth: Open Dartmouth

Open Dartmouth: Research, Data, Code, Ideas" is a Dartmouth College Library exhibit which features Dartmouth faculty and researchers who share their work on the open web.

Hope College: HIST 280: Modern Imperialism (Spring 2017)

These film review videos are the final project from History 280, Modern Imperialism, from spring 2017. Each reviews a film dealing with decolonization. Students will explore such questions as: How are the past and the present portrayed in the film? What can be learned about decolonization from the film? What context does one need to know to better understand the film? What issues are at play here? Does the filmmaker have a point of view? A political perspective? And, importantly, how accurate is the portrayal? These reviews should be of use to students, teachers, and curious movie-watchers who want to learn more about the history behind these important stories.

Martin Methodist College Department of Nursing

This collection contains informational posters produced by Martin Methodist College nursing students.