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Public Collections

This guide provides an overview of the Artstor Public Collections

Allegheny College Archives Digital Images Collection

The campus and people of Allegheny College from the Nineteenth Century
Founded 1815

Bowdoin College Library Archives Image Gallery

Images of Bowdoin College campus and people from the early Nineteenth Century to the present.

Brooklyn College History

Brooklyn College was founded on May 15, 1930 by the Board of Higher Education of the City of New York as the first public coeducational liberal arts college in the city. Mayor Jimmy Walker appointed Dr. William A. Boylan the college's first president. An assistant superintendent with the Board of Education, Boylan was in charge of building projects; however, critics claimed that Boylan's chief qualification was the fact that Walker was his former student and that the mayor had rewarded his teacher with a series of plum jobs in W alker's administration.
In 1934, Randolph Evans, a young architect working for the Wood-Harmon Corporation, drafted a plan for a college campus on the large plot of land his employer owned in the Midwood section of Brooklyn. At the time, the land was used as a golf course, a football field, and as a staging area for the big-top shows of Barnum and Bailey Circus. Evans sketched a plan of a Georgian-style campus facing a central quadrangle anchored by a library building with a tall tower. The Federal Government allocated $5 million for the construction of the buildings and on October 2, 1935, Mayor La Guardia took a silver-plated shovel and symbolically broke ground. Also present were President Boylan and Borough President Raymond V. Ingersoll. All three men would later have campus buildings named in their honor.
A year later, President Franklin D. Roosevelt visited Brooklyn College. Seven thousand people had gathered on the grounds where the President laid the cornerstone of the college gymnasium. "I have seen Brooklyn College in pictures and now I have seen the real articlewith my own eyes," Roosevelt intoned. "Every time the Mayor of New York comes to Washington I tremble, because it means he wants something, and he almost always gets it. This project is killing two birds with one stone. It is not only putting to work thousands of people who need work, but it also is improving educational facilities now and for generations to come. There has been much suffering in this depression, but much good also has come out of it. It has given an opportunity to better conditions for the young people. I am interest ed in all projects for the improvement of education, and my wish for Brooklyn College is the fine future it deserves. May it live to build a better American citizenship."
This collection of material consists of items related to the construction of Brooklyn College in the mid-1930s.

Brooklyn College: Farm Labor Project

Brooklyn College along with several other City Universities began to recruit students for the Farm Labor Project in Spring of 1942 to help with the war effort by picking fruits and vegetables at farms in upstate New York.The program ran for three years from 1942-1944, the duration of America's involvement in the war. During three years there were over 300 students, both men and women, who traveled to Red Hook, New York (1942), and Morrisville, New York (1943-1944), to work on those farms.
The 1943 Farm Labor Project was modeled after the success of the 1942 program that took place in Red Hook. The project took eight months of planning. Public recognition, approval from the Board of Higher Education, recruiting students and various other processes were just some of the things that needed to be met to have the program go into effect. The students also attended several classes that were offered during the program such as geology, sociology, political science, math and English. Roughly, over 700,000 pounds of peas and beans were harvested by the 150 Brooklyn College Students in 1943.

Bryn Mawr College Faculty/Staff/Student Photographs

Bryn Mawr College: Historical Images of Bryn Mawr College

The photographs, drawings, and plans in this collection are scans of photographs and slides that depict buildings, people, art, and objects on the Bryn Mawr College campus. They are complemented by other digital collections of documents and images about the College, including,, and

Bucknell University History

Digital images of historical photographs of Bucknell University from the collections of Special Collections/University Archives at the Ellen Clarke Bertrand Library.

Central Methodist University Archives

The archival collection for Central Methodist University. Collection contains many pieces from Central history including photographs, personal documents, and other archived materials.

Colby College: Colbiana Photographs

Images from the Colby College Libraries' Colbiana Collection. Primarily comprising digitized historical photographs. Highlights include views of Colby's first campus in downtown Waterville and the construction of the current campus on Mayflower Hill.

Cornell: Campus Artifacts, Art & Memorabilia

Cornell Campus Art and Artifacts lists about 2000 plaques, pictures, sculptures, and other objects of artistic and historical interest located on the Cornell campus. It is based on the 1984 book "Contributions to Cornell History: Portraits and Memorabilia". Information will be updated and supplemented with photographs. The existence of a publicly available catalog of Cornell's memorabilia is the first essential step to their preservation.

Linfield College: Photograph Collection

This collection contains photographs from 1880 to 2012. The images depict all aspects of life at Linfield College including athletics, clubs, classes, events, ceremonies, commencements, socializing, studying, campus and building photographs, awards, and faculty and staff.

Manhattanville College: Convent Avenue Campus

This collection consists of digitized photographs of Manhattanville's former Convent Avenue campus. The school was located in West Harlem on the Upper West Side of New York City between 1847 and 1952. The images capture the landscape and architecture of the 18-acre campus located on Convent Avenue between West 130th and West 135th Streets. The photographs were taken by both professional studios and members of the Manhattanville student body and faculty.

Manhattanville College: Purchase Campus

Collection Description: This collection consists of digitized photographs of the Manhattanville College campus in Purchase, NY. In 1952 the college moved from New York City to Westchester County. Manhattanville purchased the former estate of Whitelaw and Elisabeth Mills Reid in 1949. Between 1951 and 1952 the property was transformed, renovating existing structures and adding an academic building, dormitory, dining hall and library. The process of moving a college and building to an entirely new campus was well documented by staff and architectural photographers. Follow the journey of construction and relocation

Moravian Seminary and College for Women Collection

The Moravian Seminary and College for Women Collection represents a significant portion of the long history of the education of women by the Moravians in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The materials in this collection cover the years 1863 to 1954 and depict the lives of the women in the College and Seminary including their academic studies, living environment, activities and leisure time through photographs and other images. 

NHIA Archives Collection

The NHIA Archives Collection houses a variety of publications, exhibition and instructional materials, photographs, and media clippings, dating back to the early days of the Manchester Institute of Arts and Sciences (NHIA's former name).

Muhlenberg College: Historical Campus Photographs

Since its inception in 1848, and its reconstitution as "Muhlenberg College" in 1867, our institution's history can be told through its footprint, both at its current location on Chew Street in Allentown, PA, and at its original nineteenth-century location at 4th and Walnut Streets.

Muhlenberg College: Navy V-12 and V-5 World War II Photograph Collection

From 1943 to 1946, Muhlenberg College was one of 131 colleges and universities that hosted a Navy V-12 (and V-5) training unit. Allowing the students to accelerate their undergraduate degrees while preparing them to serve, the program was mutually beneficial for the institutions and the military.

Muhlenberg College: Photographic History

Muhlenberg College's archives offer images of activities, sporting events, graduations, and student life that span the 20th century.

Muhlenberg College: The Muhlenberg Papers

Collection consists of original letters, retained autograph copies of letters, manuscripts of speeches and articles all by and to members of the Muhlenberg family. Largest group of material consists of the papers of Henry Augustus Philip Muhlenberg (1782-1844)--describing social and political life in Washington while serving in Congress, 1830-1838; also his letters from Vienna while serving as the first U.S. minister to Austria, 1838-1940. The papers of the junior Henry Augustus (1823-1854) include the correspondence about his biography of General John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg. The bulk of the correspondence both to and from the two Henry Muhlenbergs covers in depth national, Pennsylvania and Berks County politics in the 1830s and 1840s.

Roanoke College Yearbooks

The Roanoke College yearbook "Rawenoch" Is available in PDF format covering the years 1966-1975.
More issues will be added to the collection on a regular basis.

Misericordia University: Center for Nursing History Collection

The Center for Nursing History Special Collection is a collection held in the Sister Mary Carmel McGarigle Archives in the Mary Kintz Bevevino Library. The collection was started to collect and provide access to nursing documentation, personal histories, and memorabilia that document the experience of nurses and the history of the nursing profession in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Pratt Institute Archives Image Collection

The Pratt Institute Image Collection consists of photographs, postcards, and other images. Dating mainly from the late-nineteenth through the mid-twentieth centuries, the collection documents the history and creative output of Pratt Institute, an institution that has stood since 1887 as an important cultural and educational presence in Brooklyn and the greater New York area. Included are images of the campus grounds and buildings, some of which are noted for their interesting architectural features; official events and activities; student life; notable individuals, including the Institute's founder and his family; and student work.

Rice University: The Rice Institute

This collection contains historical maps, architectural plans, and views from different media of the Rice University campus.

Rosemont College Archives: Chapel of Immaculate Conception

The Chapel of Immaculate Conception on Rosemont's campus was completed in 1941. This collection covers the years of of planning and execution by the two Presidents in office during the time, Mother Mary Ignatius Carroll and Mother Mary Cleophas Foy. Materials include correspondence between the presidents and architects, builders, other contractors and the archdiocese; financial records; building specifications; photographs and news clippings. Bulk coverage is from 1939 to 1941. Access to this collection is made possible by support from the Council of Independent Colleges and The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Salve Regina University Archives Photographs

This collection contains photographs from the Salve Regina University Archives.

Salve Regina University Property and Architecture Images

The Property and Architecture Images collection documents the natural and built landscape of Salve Regina University's campus in Newport, Rhode Island, which includes buildings and land from seven Gilded Age estates.

Santa Rosa Junior College Digital Archives Collection

The Santa Rosa Junior College Archives digital collections consists of photographs, posters, and other images. The collection documents the history and creative output of Santa Rosa Junior College, an institution that has stood since 1918 as an important cultural and educational presence in Santa Rosa and the greater Sonoma County area. Included are images of the campus grounds and buildings, some of which are noted for their interestin g architectural features; official events and activities; student life; notable individuals, including the college Presidents, members of the Board of Trustees, faculty, staff and students.

Trinity College Archives

The resources of Trinity College Archives include an extensive collection of historical images related to Trinity College, dating from about 1860 to the 1980's. The images are wide-ranging in subject and among them are photographs showing campus architecture, student life, and chapel construction, in addition to architectural plans and drawings.

Trinity College Archives: Coeducation

University of Rhode Island: University Archives Photographs

The photographs in this collection depict the University of Rhode Island's campus, people, and events throughout its history.

Wesleyan University: Coeducation at Wesleyan, 1867-1912

Wesleyan University went through two phases of coeducation, the first of which lasted from 1872 to 1909, and the second from 1970 to the present. In the first phase, women represented a small minority of the undergraduate community, and only forty-three women graduated in the period from 1872 and 1892. However, female admissions increased in 1898, which led to a corresponding decrease in male admissions. From 1900 onward, the decline in Wesleyan's overall admissions contributed to the movement against coeducation, as many feared that the college had become too "feminized." In 1909, the Board of Trustees decided to end coeducation at Wesleyan, which would remain an all-male institution until 1968. The Coeducation Collection includes notes, letters, records, photographs and meeting transcripts from Wesleyan University's first phase of coeducation (1872-1912). These materials date from 1871 to 1998.

Wesleyan: Vertical Files Photographs Collections

Wheaton College (MA): Marion B. Gebbie Archives Image Collection

This collection of archival photographs encompasses the people, places, events and traditions unique to Wheaton College in Norton, Massachussetts.