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Copyright and Image Use in the Artstor Digital Library

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An important note about copyright and Artstor images

We at Artstor know that copyright and image use are of great concern to the librarians, instructors, and students who use the Artstor Digital Library. 

Images in the Artstor Digital Library may be used for non-commercial, educational purposes if you abide by the Artstor Terms and Conditions ( You can feel confident that using Artstor Digital Library Content in accordance with the Terms and Conditions won’t put your institution at risk. However, there are many other collections available within the Artstor Workspace, such as your institutional collections added using JSTOR Forum, and JSTOR Forum collections added by other institutions, and different terms of use may apply to these collections. 

This LibGuide outlines the safe ways to use images from the Artstor Digital Library according to our Terms and Conditions of Use, how to identify the sources of images you are working with, and how to find and use images for publications.

Disclaimer: we're librarians and educators, not lawyers, and this LibGuide is not intended to provide legal advice. Please direct your questions about copyright to your institution's librarians or general counsel.

Copyright resources

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