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Shared Shelf Commons

This guide provides an overview of the collections that are freely available in Shared Shelf Commons at

Where do these collections come from?

All of the images, documents, audio, and video files in the collections linked to in this guide come from Shared Shelf Commons ( Institutions contribute collections to Shared Shelf Commons by publishing from Shared Shelf - the web-based software that they use to manage, describe, and deliver their digital collections.

This guide is not comprehensive, but seeks to capture the breadth and depth of the Commons. If you notice a collection that hasn't been included in the guide, don't hesitate to call it to our attention at

How can I use this content?

All of the collections in Shared Shelf Commons have been made available by the institutions that own them in order to allow broader access to them. All of the images in Shared Shelf Commons can be viewed and downloaded without restrictions, but you should consult the rights data in each record to see if and how an image can be reused.

How can I get my digital collections included?

  • If you subscribe to Shared Shelf, you can see our support site articles on publishing and sharing content or contact your Implementation Manager by writing to to learn more.
  • If you publish to Shared Shelf Commons and would like your content to be included in this guide, please contact . We'd love to add your collection!
  • Interested in subscribing? Visit Shared Shelf or contact us to set up a free trial.

About Shared Shelf Commons

Shared Shelf Commons is a free, open-access library of images. Search and browse collections with tools to zoom, print, export, and share images. Institutions that subscribe to Shared Shelf, a Web-based service for cataloging and managing digital collections, can share their images with the world via the Commons.

About Shared Shelf